VESSEL SERVICES ORIENTAL - "YACHT WATCH" while you're away ... and a whole lot more!
So, you own a boat BUT … you live away … or you have other responsibilities to honor. This causes concern … did I turn off the propane, are there sufficient docklines, chafing gear & fenders, are the batteries sufficiently charged … and when you do get down hoping for a fresh breeze and a peaceful night at anchor … instead it becomes clean-up time, maintenance time … or just not enough time to get there.

That’s where we come in … we’ve already cleaned your boat, shaken out the sails, run the engine and checked all the systems … and yes, we’ve topped off the fuel and water. It’s ready to take you out just for the pure pleasure of being out there.
So, you own a boatBUT … it's a new boat to you, and you haven’t had much time at the helm ... recently … or ever ...
That’s where we come in, again… we’re here to help by just going out and taking the helm while you sort out your lines and your thoughts, providing gentle but knowledgeable advice and encouragement to help build your skills and self-confidence … or we’ll set up a more thorough program of instruction and/or orientation, tailored to your needs.
So, you own a boat BUT … it needs some work … new electronics, new canvas or sails, the rigging needs inspection, a coat of varnish or two, a haul-out to check the running gear and apply some fresh bottom paint … or any of a number of items to make your boat safer, faster, prettier or just to protect your very precious investment.
That’s where we come in, yet again … the most valuable thing VSO can offer to you is our experience and our dedication to the care and security of your boat! Whether it’s mechanical or electrical ... at the top of your mast or down under the hull ... we retain only the most qualified craftspeople in the area. They’re reliable, they’re reasonable and they’re very good at what they do.
So you own a boat ... now let's discuss how we can help you feel more secure when absent and more capable and self-confident aboard! VSO exists to make your boating experience safer and more pleasurable – that’s all we do ... every day … and we think we do it well.



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