VESSEL SERVICES ORIENTAL - "YACHT WATCH" while you're away ... and a whole lot more!
Photo by Keith SmithSteve Leech, born and raised in New England, spent much of his life in, under and around boats, sailing, racing, building, repairing, maintaining, living aboard, selling and purchasing an ever larger progression of boats,  the last being his Whitby 42, “Emilie T”.

While pursuing his career in labor relations, Steve punctuated it with a three year shift building custom sailing yachts in Virginia … and capped it as a Harbor Master and Marina Manager in "downeast" Maine ... all the while finding time to just be "messing about in boats." Along the way, he acquired his Coast Guard Masters License, including its sailing endorsement.

Steve has lived and sailed aboard Emilie T since 1994 in the cherished company of his black lab, "Macthedog". In 1999 they set sail in a southerly direction and spent their subsequent winters in the Islands and their summers in Maine. During this migratory period, they encountered hurricane Isabel (2003), and seeking shelter, discovered Oriental. They decided to make Oriental their new home, with Emilie T and her crew safely berthed at the Oriental Harbor Marina.

The editorial "WE" used throughout are an an experienced, boat savvy crew, as well as the many other people who help me fix boats, clean boats, rig boats ... and my sidekick, RikaDog, who accompanies me everywhere!
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